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Proposed Track Layout The Genoa Motorsports Country Club race track will be a 5.86-mile dual-circuit road course with about 115 feet of elevation change available for private Country Club membership use (contact us for info on membership) as well as car and motorcycle club rental and open test and tune use. The East track and amentities are planned to be built first with the West track and amentities following soon afterward. Check our Project Plans page for more details.

Various clubs have already shown interest in 20 weekends for our first season. Contact us for info on track rental for your club.

The track will be located near Genoa, Colorado, equally accessible from Denver and Colorado Springs, one mile south of I-70 exit #371. Read more about the plans for the track and also visit our new FAQ's page. If you've ever wondered what it would be like at a Country Club Race Track check out this video of Autobahn Country Club. We are in the process of making our own in-car animation so people can get a feel for the track and will post it when it's done.

Recent Updates:

posted on 6/3/09
This is just a short update to pass on some more great news.

To go along with all the on the land engineering, design, utility, and other planning requirements we have accomplished - we now have in our possession great temporary buildings that will provide us with restroom/shower facilities, classrooms, offices, storage, registration, and a three level building for Timing and Scoring and Control. Some of these buildings will be dedicated for the private use of our Members for Clubhouse activities as well as private restroom/shower amenities. Several of these buildings come with installed ductwork for heating and air conditioning and large windows for great viewing. These buildings will allow us to get up and running quicker with some of the amenities that you expect while the permanent buildings are constructed.

Our Members will enjoy the privacy they should expect while Phase 1 is in operation on those dates reserved for Members only and privacy at all times when the Phase II west track is open with it's Members only entrance, paddock, and access to their own track while public groups using the east track will paddock almost two miles away.

We have accepted more membership deposits that are held in escrow at Wells Fargo and look forward to your membership.

posted on 2/28/09
We have updated our Membership page to show most of the benefits of the Partner Membership level as well as the discounts we are offering on our Preferred and Individual Memberships. We have also had discussions to fund approximately 70% of Phase 1 construction through a third party. So take a look at what we are offering while knowing we have all our zoning permits complete (we do not need to get additional zoning in the future), infrastructure costs are relatively low since we don't have to bring power, gas, data lines, etc 4 to 5 miles to the property (everything is already on the border of the property), we don't need to pave 4 to 5 miles of county road, and we don't need to "prove" we have water since it will be supplied by the town of Genoa.

posted on 4/9/08
We have just added our new animated in-car video of the West Track. This runs both clockwise and counter clockwise (link here). The animation was painstakingly created by using close to 600 land and sky photos, digitizing the aerial photos and land survey, and collecting the longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates for the track itself to accurately replicate the lay of the land and of the track. The East Track is being created next. We have one animation displayed below. You can view both animations here...

Read past announcements here...

Genoa Motorsports Track Elevation

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